Welcome to my blog about everything and nothing.
Ana, 17, I live in Slovenia (which is boring but kinda nice) I like too many things and I don't have enough time.
Oh, and I also co-run a blog about danisnotonfire.


i love how when dan and phil first started their hair could go to narnia and back and they wouldn’t care but now the second the hair reaches half way to their ears its all nOPE, CANT HANDLE THIS BIRDS NEST, MUST GET IT CUT NOOOOW 


i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me


if you think i’m ugly now you should have seen me in 2009


aww this is cute



april fools day is the perfect day to confess your undying love for someone if they dont feel the same you can just yell “trolled u” and run away whooping and hollering so no one can see the gentle tears on your face 

that post got very sad very fast